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By carpet cleaning in the winter is better than waiting until the spring.Here is the reason. If you get your carpets cleaned once a year and you wait until spring, you are bringing in the sand from the summer, mud from the fall and salt from the winter. All of these elements are being ground into your carpet. Sand is like glass and it breaks down your carpet faster, if you add salt to it, you are creating a huge breakdown in your carpet. That is where the wear in walkway areas come to play. If you notice, you probably have darkened areas in the carpet where everyone walks. These are soiled carpet patterns, where fibers get scratched or broken down and look dirty.

How do you combat this problem?

We recommend getting carpet cleaning done at least twice a year. If you have a lot of traffic going through your home and or you have pets, then we recommend 3 times a year.

Why do I say carpet cleaning in the winter?

Because you are taking out all of the sand, mud, salt, and bacteria out of your carpet and it lessens the chance of sickness spreading through your house. You see, chances are, if one person gets sick in the home, eventually everyone in your household will get it as well. Your carpet is used as a filter, but like any other filter, it needs to be cleaned. By carpet cleaning in the winter, everyone in your home will stay healthier. I am not saying you won’t get sick at all, I am saying we can lessen the chance of everyone getting sick.

You don’t want your doors left open in the winter?

Well, we combated that problem as well! You see, with GREENCO2 Natural CO2 Based Carpet Cleaning System, we don’t have huge hoses going through your doors and windows. We bring everything in so you don’t have to be uncomfortable in your own home.We bring our own water, (we don’t have any waste water to be filtered)and we clean up after ourselves so your home looks like it did before we got there, with the exception of cleaner and healthier carpets of course.

You don’t want to have to move all the furniture and pay extra for vacuuming?

We move all movable furniture and vacuum with no extra costs associated with it. If we can’t move a piece of furniture we have special tools to get underneath, behind and around them.

So, for Power of CO2 Green Technology

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Dawn Keller, has over 30 years experience in operations, marketing and sales. She is a mentor for small business owners looking for guidance and ideas for increased market share.



How to Start your business for $1,500

How to Start your business for $1,500
99% of every office and home in America has a carpet. Your number of potential clients is equal to the number of people that use electricity, water, gas, and cell phones. Everyone!

All that you need to do is to offer a better service than the competition. That is the key to being successful. This takes two things: A passion to work hard and to only do outstanding work. And the knowledge and the equipment that makes it possible for you to do so.

Carpet cleaning is a very profitable business for any one that is committed to doing outstanding work with an advanced carpet cleaning system that is designed for healthier cleaning and effective removal of soil.

If you provide the desire and hard work ethic, GREENC02  will provide you with the equipment, website, know-how, and mentoring to make you a successful business.


In 2013 we started a carpet cleaning business with a Toyota Matrix out of our home. In less than a year we purchased 2 cargo vans and moved into a 4,300 sq ft offices and warehouse with annual sales of over $265,000.


At the end of the 1st year we were servicing a mix of residential and commercial clients and have expanded our services to include, upholstery cleaning, In-Plant rug washing and carpet repair

Once you prove to a client that you are honest, hard-working, reliable, and that you always strive for the best, you are able to acquire more business through referrals with GREENCO2 Rewards Program. That is the simple and ancient key to success.

We understand the difficulty for some people to raise the $4,995.00 down payment for the Licensee Business Ownership Program.

So we instituted GREENCO2 Quick Start Success Program.

The program is designed for those that cannot raise the down payment.

Under this program you can make payments on the investment until the initial down payment is satisfied.

During this time we schedule you for training to market and lay a foundation for your success.(starter equipment package will not be shipped until the down payment is satisfied).

$1, 500.00 minimum deposit to  begin your  GREENCO2 Quick Start Training

We have made it possible for you to start a successful business by making payments on your down payment while receiving training to lay the foundation of your business.

We have created exclusive marketing systems just for GREENCO2 Licensees.

Are sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Looking for a better lifestyle?

If that is YOU? Then call (616) 952-1209 so we can talk.

Our desire is to help enough other people become financially independent with our Non-toxic GREENCO2 Natural CO2 Based Carpet Cleaning System. It is safe for kids and pets and makes GREENCO2 the only solution for all people, especially those with allergies.

We live here and GREENCO2 lives here too and our mission is to help create healthier and cleaner environments for a better Michigan.

Call (616) 952-1209 or contact us below or GREENCO2 Business Ownership Program.

Low Cost Business Opportunity- Why GREENCO2?

Benefits of 

GREENCO2 Independent Business Ownership Program

Check out these seven benefits of partnering with the leader in the carpet & floor cleaning industry.

1. Growing Industry: Hard surfaces and carpets need regular maintenance, even in tight times. With more homes and businesses being built every day, growth potential continues to escalate.

2. Strong Technology Support: GREENCO2® has developed proprietary systems and software to help independent business owners in all aspects of running their company to help them be as efficient and profitable as possible.

3. Need for More Professional Service: The carpet cleaning industry has been fragmented and has long been known for delivering unpredictable and unreliable results. GREENCO2® provides customers with an alternative reliable floor cleaning solution and service procedures that don’t exist in the carpet cleaning industry.

4. Proven Marketing Strategies: Reliable training and marketing strategies give you the resources you need to be successful from day one. GREENCO2® helps your marketing dollars go farther and your market share increase.

5. Increase Demand for Green Clean: When you partner with the most advanced floor cleaning company you will be backed by a brand that’s revolutionizing the world of cleaning. GREENCO2 Natural CO2 Based Carpet Cleaning System is a green carpet cleaning product manufacturer and inventors of the cleaning system. Delivered by patented technology so customers can benefit from superior results without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals.

6. Unrivaled Support System: GREENCO2® License support team is dedicated to helping you succeed and will be with you every step of the way. Every Independent Licensee is assigned a personal business coach.

7. Comprehensive Training: GREENCO2®  Comprehensive Quick-Start Webinar training program provides new licensee owners the tools and resources they need to launch a strong start in the carpet cleaning business with an exclusive system and products, regardless of experience in the industry.

“Get in on the ground floor of a low start-up cost opportunity with huge profits potential offering the most advanced carpet cleaning system available.” Angelo Darin, Inventor 2013

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