10 Reasons GREENCO2 Carpet Cleaning System is a better choice? 

1. Knowleable & professional cleaning personel,
2. Healthier clean
3. Dries in 2-4 hours
4. Stays cleaner longer
5. Removes spots most consider permanent
6. We move furniture
7. We don’t leave your doors open
8. We clean corners and edges
9. On-time service scheduled
10. Backed by our “WOW” Guarantee

GREENCO2 utilizes four principals of cleaning: 1) dry soil removal; 2) soil suspension;            3) extraction; and 4) drying. Each of these for principals are used each time we perform our revolutionary carpet cleaning system in order to achieve superior soil and allergen removal.

Dry Soil Removal – Dry soil removal is the first step in carpet cleaning. Cleaning (soil suspension) cannot break down dry soil (it is insoluble), so it must be removed before . Dry soil removal is performed by raking and vacuuming the area with a CRI Seal of Approval Hepa Vacuum to remove as much of dry soil as possible. Dry soil accounts for 65%-85% of the soil and allergens in carpeting. The more dry soil you remove, the better the results of carpet cleaning process.

Soil Suspension – Soil suspension is the use of our naturally based, trade secret carbonated carpet cleaner to attach to soluble soil (soil that dissolves in water) particles.

Proper Soil suspension also has 4 principals. Each must be used in careful balance for optimum soil and allergen removal.

These include:

Time – increase the amount of time moisture is suspended with soil will increase the emulsification (turning solid particles of soil into a liquid for removal). We suspend soil with CO2 without the damages of over-wetting.

Agitation – causes soil to break into smaller soil particles.  GREENCO2 has its own built-in mechanical CO2 agitation to suspend soil and increase the emulsification than traditional methods of cleaning.

Moisture – causes dry soil to liquefy for effective removal of soil and allergens. CO2 allows us to suspend the moisture long enough with soil until it is liquefied for removal with our revolutionary system without any possibility of damage. It take 8 hours for mold to grow with over-wetting.

NON Residue/Naturally Based Cleaner– GREENCO2 are natural CO2 based formulated cleaning products that’s non-allergenic and fragrance free. Our natural CO2 based formulated products are better emulsifiers (turning solid particles of soil into a liquid) and so safe it is Green Seal Certified and received IAQ (indoor air quality) approval.

Drying – this is an important step! Create air movement in order to achieve drying times under 6 hours. GREENCO2 usually achieves 2 to 4 hour drying time.

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