Are You Safe from Allergens & Toxins?

Did you know carpets and furniture can harbor years of accumulated dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria, and previously used unhealthy chemical cleaning products, pesticides, paint fumes and solvents?

Fact: A carpet can hold eight times its weight in dust and dirt. 65% of soil and allergens can be removed by vacuuming.The rest is impact-soil that is embedded in the fibers and require proper professional carpet cleaning.

Ever felt sick and then it went away?

EPA studies have shown that indoor air levels of many pollutants are at least twice as high as outdoor levels. Since many people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors, this is a significant health concern.

The residues that are present hold onto soil and allergens even after traditional methods of cleaning (steam cleaning, hot water extraction, shampoo, dry cleaning) causing an unhealthy environment which promotes sickness.

Example of carpet residues: oils from our body and our pets, oils tracked in from; outdoors, bathroom areas, kitchen areas, from high PH cleaners used, etc.

GREENCO2 carpet cleaning system was invented to exclusively remove residues which enables us to remove more soil and allergens than any other carpet cleaning system.

With over 35 years experience in the industry we have found many problems with the level of service that is provided with other carpet cleaning companies so we built a service department that combats these problems and provides a better customer experience for you.

Its What We Do!

  • Healthier & Safer for you because we only use Chemical-Free Carpet Cleaning Products-GREENCO2
  • No need to spend time vacuuming as its the first step in our service: edges, corners, crevices, etc.
  • No need to spend time preparing a room for carpet cleaning as we have tools that enables us to move furniture and clean the carpeting around, under and behind all items.
  • No need to worry about spots as its part of the service we provide when we clean your carpeting.
  • No need for long days of drying periods as the carpets dry within 2 to 4 hours after your GREENCO2 carpet cleaning.
  • No need to clean your carpets as often because your carpets will stay cleaner longer with GREENCO2.
  • No risk to you. We are so confident in our carpet cleaning products and carpet cleaning system we offer a WOW Guarantee!

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